Oct 17, 2012

Qr Code Advertising – The next BIG Thing!

qr_code_autoshopper.comThe age of the Used Car Dealer is rapidly changing and new technology is replacing some of the older methods of getting a customer in the store to buy a car.  Back in the old days, we used to have salesman standing on points in the used car lot, now we have window stickers that will interact with a potential customer’s cell phone, to give them more information than a salesman would or even could have.  With the rapid growth of smart phones the faces of the dealership have become computer enabled web pages, chat sessions and codes that will link you and your customer together.

Many cutting edge dealers use QR Codes, (or Quick Response Code) this is very similar to barcodes used by retailers, the key difference is that the amount of data they can hold or share. Qr codes can hold more information, which makes it practical for use by car dealerships. When the QR code is scanned by your iPhone or Android device, it can link to digital content on the web, and connect the mobile device to a web browser.  Any of these desired functions are easily achieved by properly creating the appropriate QR code for the target consumer. This will connect auto shoppers with your dealership as well as multimedia content of your choice.

According to a new report from Nellymoser,  QR codes are spurring consumers to take action with response rates that are higher than other direct marketing tactics.

The report, “Scan Response Rates in National Magazines,” found that readers of national magazines scan QR codes, Microsoft Tags, digital watermarks and other mobile action codes at an average rate of 6.4 percent. The report also found that mobile users are actively engaged and view an average of 18.9 mobile pages.

“The big news is that QR style mobile codes get higher response rates than other printed direct marketing tools,” said Roger Matus, executive vice president at Nellymoser Inc., Arlington, MA.

What does this mean for my Dealership …….

The codes are being adopted by dealerships as a way to easily link auto shoppers to content such as video, dealership commercials, inventory pages, special service coupons or a social media page or possible back to an ecommerce site.

For example, while a customer is browsing and walking around the inventory on your lot, if there is a QR code on the window sticker, the dealership could offer the OEM site for current Rebates and incentives for new cars. If the car is used it could offer the Current Walk around video for that specific vehicle, this would start driving the customer to want to take the next step, which would be a test drive.

Also, when the prospective buyer scans this code with their mobile phone they are immediately redirected to the vehicle’s mobile page. This new feature will convert after hour’s lot walkers and window shoppers into solid leads for your dealership even while your showroom is closed. According to Comscore.com, just over 60% of QR Code users are male, 53% are between the ages of 18 and 34, and 36% have a household income of $100k or more. So, Even though this may be a new idea for your dealership, the facts don’t lie.  The QR codes have been around for a while and they work for shoppers, to provide the content they are looking and serves them with the information needed to make an informed decision on the next vehicle purchase.  Providing as much web based information as you can to the shopper puts you heads above your competition.

While the study does not address why mobile action codes have a strong response rate, this could be because they enable a targeted customer to connect with related content they are interested in, at the exact moment of their interest.

Therefor any auto shopper with a mobile device in hand is actively engaged with any content you have supplied.

The results in the report suggest that car dealerships should be considering adding QR codes or another mobile action code to their print campaigns or window stickers when looking to drive a specific action. “When done well, mobile action codes can turn a print advertising campaign into a direct marketing tool with a higher than average response rate,” Mr. Matus said.

Scan this code to get QR Code Info

People get excited about QR Codes, they understand that they can gather information and store it to use at a later time, and are scanning at higher rates than ever.  It is not enough to just put a QR code in a window sticker or print ad, you must also focus on the mobile experience that is provided to the smartphone-wielding audience.

The text around the QR Code should also encourage the recipient to scan the QR Code and follow some simple suggestions. Giving the scanner a reason to scan is also a big hit, such as SCAN THE CODE TO SEE SERVICE SPECIALS, or SCAN THE CODE FOR ALL VEHICLE DETAILS.

The simple, inexpensive tool can help you build your Virtual Dealership, and help you connect with customers through a web based portal.

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