Mar 15, 2013

Bumped and Bruised But Never Out!

New Sign After Hurricane Sandy

Toms River, NJ – Despite the enormous devastation of Super Storm Sandy and all the bumps, bruises and damage inflicted by it, Showcase Media has kept going.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States approximately 8 p.m. EST Oct. 29, 2012 striking near Atlantic City, N.J. with westerly winds of 80 mph, and a full moon, high tides over 20 percent higher than normal amplifying Sandy’s storm surge. Streets were flooded, trees and power lines knocked down, homes, businesses and the famed Seaside boardwalk was ripped apart.

As a result of this hurricane, the Showcase Media office buildings and parking lot was submerged under four feet of seawater. The buildings sustained over a half million dollars in damage. 20 company vehicles were lost, valued at nearly 800 hundred thousand dollars, for a combined loss of well over at 1.25 million dollars.  Nearly every office file and filing cabinet was ruined; desks, copiers, computers, phones and other office machines were left inoperable from the surge. The majority of employees remained without power or heat for days and some lost their homes and vehicles.

Yet, from the inception of Showcase Media 36 years ago, the employees have always had a fierce loyalty to the company and to the auto dealers that they serve. The owners of this great company have always treated the employees like family members, making it a great place to work.  With that in mind, within hours of the flood waters subsiding, they took a minute to assess the situation and absorb the damages then put their work clothes on and… WENT TO WORK REBUILDING. They set up temporary offices in employee homes while waiting for office trailers to be delivered, while the account representatives got back on the road to serve the advertisers and assure them of the availability of and it’s various product lines to over 3500 customers!!

The devastation was indeed enormous! Fuel shortages, downed trees, power outages and road closures made it challenging for employees to return to work. Most of the Auto Dealers near the coast had also lost power service, bringing auto sales to an abrupt halt.

Even amid the chaos and in spite of Sandy’s best efforts to stall us, the company pulled together as a team and managed to continue operations with little or no interruption in the services we provide.  We managed to maintain our internet presence, on and service our customers and print our various publications, all without skipping a beat and with the usual professionalism and integrity our customers have come to expect.

After 4 months of overcoming the challenges of rebuilding, the team is once again hanging the sign above the Toms River, New Jersey office.

The fleet of vans and box trucks have all been replaced, the buildings have been completely remodeled and appointed with new furniture and equipment, ready to take its customers to a new level.

“As a company we gained strength, courage and confidence by pulling together, working side by side through every phase of the tear down/rebuild. It has created a sense of unity and community, and a reminder of what really counts in life. I just want to say thank you to all the countless hours my employees put in during this devastation, and I am glad we are back and rolling faster than ever!.” Said, Jim Roberts, VP of Operations

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