Nov 5, 2013

The Champion Sales manager of 2014 – New Years Resolution

Be a Better manager

Just get ’em in!!

The Champion focuses on the ability to manage the high-performing salespeople —who have strong personalities and are now socially aggressive, including the ability to coach and mentor them into higher success.

There is mentality that still exists in Sales Mangers that is hurting dealership sales, and it is Industry wide.  There is a sea of sales managers who can pencil deals and remember rates/terms for the average consumer applying to buy a car, but are missing key traits that would take them from average to champion.

The Champion is the one who embraces the high performing sales people or  even the  average sales person with good sales skills, he is the sales manager with the most gross and with the most car deals at the end of the month.

The average sales Manager says:  Don’t worry about the price; just get the customer in the door.

The Champion Says: Before we give price, let’s build value in the dealership and value in the vehicle. Then we give them the best price with warranty options. Ask for the appointment at least 4 times in the conversation, if the customer rejects because of financing, overcome his rejection, by telling him we have 15 different lenders and an amazing Finance Director that can help with any problem. If he objects over price, let him know that this dealership has never lost a deal over the price of a car. Then ask him again if today or tomorrow would be good day for the appointment. If he does not give you the appointment then pursue his information for future re marketing opportunities.

The champion always takes the opportunity to train and model, the average sales manager, barks out orders.

What we know about the internet shopper, 85% of all consumers have shopped your competition before calling or submitting a lead, they know the price, todays shopper is looking for an experience, which they can enjoy, and that will help them build a lasting relationship for future purchases or service department visits.

So trying to hide the price will never work. Training and understanding your sales people, is the answer.

Our best or potential best, high-performing salespeople have strong personalities, they described as social and verbally aggressive.  The traits that make them so great at sales also can lead to traits that present difficulties for managers. They can be impulsive, demanding and unrealistic in their expectations. They may lack attention to detail and are often disorganized.

Adapt your management style to meet their needs; here are some hints to help manage these people:

Avoid rules– basic rule, never tell them what they cannot do.  Give them guidelines to follow, but as long as they are the top performers, don’t give them limits.  As soon as performance drops below the acceptable line, then implement standards or rules to improve sales.

Be a coach … you have already been through the ranks, now show them what you learned and show them exactly how it is done. Take control, ask questions, lead them to a place of self-recognition.  Tell them what they do GOOD and tell them what they can improve on. As you will coach, take pride in the fact that your advice led them to a place of higher performance.

Let them sell and build report with customers Let them do what they do best.. Biggest mistake managers make with great salespeople; they try to make them into appoint setters and/ or phone receptionists.  They are only good at selling, so hire an entry level phone closer and let them turn the customer over to the expert sales person.

Peer Recognition Top performers love to make money, but also love to be recognized for top performance.  They love their peers to know that they are THE BEST! Make a big deal out of their abilities, this will work in your favor as the salespeople want to become like this recognized individual.

In summary, being a Champion Sales Manager in 2014 will require you to expend more energy in the training and coaching of your sales team. In the end it will improve you quantity and gross sales, not to mention build a winning team to take your dealership to the top.



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