Feb 19, 2014

Does your Dealer have a STRONG Internet Identity?

google-places1What happened to the Good ole Days? When we could grab a yellow book and find a business listing? When we could go to auto dealership section and customers could find your dealership name, address and phone number?

Well gone, gone are those days, now you have Search Engines – you type in the word, phrase or exact name and the search engine serves up the closet match to your typed suggestion. The new Yellow pages are Google, Yahoo, Ask and Microsft. An internet Technology company called comScore, Inc, is a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its monthly comScore’s qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace. Google Sites led the explicit core search market in August with 66.9 percent of search queries conducted.

Google search

Get on Google first page search

Interesting enough Google also offers dealers a Google Places page, which acts as a yellow book type of listing for consumers to contact you. The Google search engine will query its own listing before anything else, so EVERY dealership should have a fully managed Google places account.

This places account will host your Internet Identity; this is the ongoing process of authoritatively updating and verifying dealership listing information for Local Search. It enables dealerships to certify, enhance, update and continually improve their local business listings for distribution to authorized local search platforms.

In order for the dealership to be put on the map, you must establish your identity by taking ownership of your listing, follow these simple steps:

First, type in your main dealership phone number to the Google search engine.

Second, you will see your listing at the top of the page and to the right you will see the map, with more information.

Third, look under Map and address; in very light grey letters you will see the question” Are you the business owner?”.. click it

Fourth, Click on button that says.. “Edit my business Information”. Make sure the information you type is correct mailing address as well as the correct phone number to the dealership, because Google will verify the information, if it is not correct you will have to re do it, which is very time consuming.

This process will have to be repeated to all the major search engines, to ensure that no matter what browser your customer uses your dealership will have a prominent listing. Some examples of other search engines are: Local Yahoo, Ask City, Microsoft, Yellow Pages.com, Bing Local, Local.com, WhitePages.com.

The key is to make sure your dealership internet identity is prevalent on all search engines, many of the query bots, already have most of your information on the listings, but as you will notice, some of the information will be wrong. It is easy enough to get the correct information updated.  A mental note must be made to check these listings once a month to make sure your competition has not got into your listing and changed vital information to try and steal away some of your customers. These sites are not policed, so each dealership must check each listing every month to keep from losing your internet identity to the competition.

This is a great product to put you on the map…. http://www.e-autopilot.com/features/online-identity/ This product is managed by the Autopilot Team. Please read more about Autopilot at www.e-autopilot

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