Feb 11, 2015
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How Facebook Can Work Successfully for Your Dealership

download (1)Everyone knows that Facebook is the place to be for any business especially for car dealerships.  Over 100 Million people are on Facebook  and most users check there Facebook  more than 5 times a day, now that is a big audience to be in front of on a daily basis.

Some useful tips every dealership should use.

  1. Build a Positive Reputation. Helping consumers get answer or solve a problem with a brand you are selling goes along way. Even though there may not be any revenue generating from that its word of mouth that will bring in more revenue for your dealership. Every consumers looking to do business with any company always goes off their first impression whether it was a phone call, visit to your store, Facebook interaction or an e-mail. So build your positive reputation by using your social media platforms to reach out to consumers and give them advice or just be friendly showing you care goes along way.
  2. Be Engaging. The more you participate in posting and liking other things on Facebook the more you are engaging with your followers. In return that will draw new followers to your page. Don’t post your entire inventory every week consumers do not want to see that. Make a schedule where you can plan out what topics you will past about. It doesn’t always have to be strictly marketing your brand. I like to think of Facebook posting as my 80/20 rule 80% fun & engaging the other 20% promotional offering of your dealership.
  3. Focus on long term goals. Facebook is a marathon you’re not going to see any fruit bearing immediately. It takes time and a dedicated person to continuously keep up with it. You will see a return on it but it may not be until 7-12 months down the road so don’t give up so quickly, car dealerships are always too quick to give up on Facebook.
  4. Be Cautious with Automation Tools. You don’t want to be marked off as spams to often you see in your news feed a dealer who just posted 29 updates of his inventory. Keep the inventory posting to a minimum; be more proactive on events, financing specials, low down payments ECT. That’s what users want to see.


Useful Data Points

47% say Facebook has the greatest impact on purchase behavior.

More 33% of Facebook users are following a brand on social media.

Your Facebook marketing efforts can help improve your awareness to you consumers, keep things interesting and up to date on all aspects. If you take all these tips into consideration you will have a successful and positive presence on Facebook.

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