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Showcase Publications, Inc. has a 38 year rich history in print and web media and is the parent company to many valued businesses, providing technology, and Web Solutions.  We have best in class print publications and web sites for consumers.  We do cater to consumer needs by allowing them control of their shopping and buying experience.

Showcase specializes in a collection of diversified and comprehensive brands, that provides solutions for buying and selling, autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RV’s, and Homes.  Showcase Publications has a suite of products that cater to over 12,000 Independent and/or Corporate dealers.We have Auto Dealer Blogs, eNewsletters, with more than 20 diversified writers on staff, such as Brand Enthusiast, General Car Buying tips, plus Auto SEO Self Help articles and videos. Every product we offer is low cost and will maximize the Dealer’s potential to sell more cars at a higher gross profit.

Our management team is grounded in a company that has gained consumer confidence through the high and low times of the ever changing economy. With over 200 employees, we expect continued success and growth with the announcement of this new product. Therefore, with the growing audience of Showcase Publications we maintain our strong foundation of satisfied employees and customers.

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