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May 8, 2014

Is there any Influential Woman in the Auto industry? Can Women drive the future of the Auto Industry?

The Year is 2014, and the Good Ole Boys Club still stands strong in the Auto Industry.  The limitations that this industry had set for women , is slowing  going away with  a significant amount of female influence coming from the top down, such as a rise in the amount of female engineers, involved with safety, design and styling. This is a natural fit because of women’s natural instincts to nurture and heal, it is crucial that women not only use their brain but also their heart in making corporate decision, and sometimes that cocktail does not mix in the auto industry.

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May 1, 2014

Classified Marketing: A New Sheriff In Town, Ebay Classifieds

Craigslist Alternative

Craigslist Alternative

Look out Craigslist, there is a new sheriff in town! eBay Classified, has taken the FREE classifieds site to a new level, with a different breed of customer and a much easier consumer friendly site.

With the powerhouse.. eBay name, the site has grown almost to the level of Craigslist, with an easier approach, and faster search capabilities.

We now understand that Craigslist is more than a mere fad the site has become a habitual place where you can buy, rent, or apply for almost anything since its 1995 inception as a emailing list distributed among friends in San Francisco — Used the world over, but yet, the site still appears more than outdated when it comes to visual design and search functionality.

Craigslist gets credit for being the All Knowing Super Power for scoring a free sofa and finding an available apartment, there is another free site that is doing an equally fine job with with a more attractive interface and with less spam postings.  eBay Classifieds may not offer the sheer number of listings or familiarity of the infamous CL, but they do provide a new audience, different type of shopper and many options not offered elsewhere, whether you’re merely looking for a short-term loan, a horse, a truck, or an apartment, this site is faster, cleaner and is growing by leaps and bounds. Continue reading »

Apr 29, 2014

Toyota’s Move to Texas Relied on In-House Study Rather Than Govenor Perry Pitch

toyota-logoIn the news today…..Toyota, based in Toyota City, Japan, will be consolidating North American operations in a new headquarters in Plano, located 20 miles (32.2 kilometers) north of Dallas.

Plano officials became aware of the company’s interest and began working to win the deal three months ago after it was brought to them by Perry’s economic development officials, said Steve Stoler, a city spokesman. While the city was competing with others, Stoler said he didn’t know the names of those involved.

Stoler declined to detail the incentive package offered by the city, saying it would be voted on by the city council next month. He said he expected the plan would be approved. Continue reading »

Jan 15, 2014

FTC Now Enforces Stricter Advertising Guidelines, Operation Steer Clear

Car advertising

Truth in advertising has never been for the Auto Industry, right? Starting in January 2014, Auto Dealers will need to clean up their act, when it comes to ALL advertising. A nationwide enforcement sweep is underway and it will be focused on TV, newspaper, and online claims about sales, financing and leasing. Here are 8 pointers taken from the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) website, the fines that are being imposed are as high as 16k per day that each ad ran in paper, TV or online, don’t get caught by the feds while trying to capture more customers through deceptive advertising. In most cases, even if you had a disclaimer that explained the advertising, they still prosecuted. There are 10 lawsuits so far as of January 9th, and the FTC is promising to sweep the entire country with Operation Steer Clear. Continue reading »

Nov 22, 2013

Craigslist now charging by the ad.. What does it mean to my dealership?

Craigslist (CL) has announced one of the more sweeping changes in their history. CL will start charging $5.00 per vehicle ad in their ‘Cars and Trucks by dealer’ category starting December 3rd. This is a change for ALL auto dealers and does not affect other categories like consumer auto sales, RVs, Power sports, etc.

Against conventional thought, our research tells us that Craigslist is not doing this to make money and is not a company driven by ROI. Instead, they strive to achieve ONLY a “perfect marketplace” where buyers and sellers can come together in a simple and efficient manner as a LOCAL community. By implementing this fundamental change, CL is simply cleansing this marketplace as they have done in several other categories in the past! This has proven to be only a positive in “Real Estate” and the “Human Resources” categories. Continue reading »

Nov 5, 2013

The Champion Sales manager of 2014 – New Years Resolution

Be a Better manager

Just get ’em in!!

The Champion focuses on the ability to manage the high-performing salespeople —who have strong personalities and are now socially aggressive, including the ability to coach and mentor them into higher success.

There is mentality that still exists in Sales Mangers that is hurting dealership sales, and it is Industry wide.  There is a sea of sales managers who can pencil deals and remember rates/terms for the average consumer applying to buy a car, but are missing key traits that would take them from average to champion.

The Champion is the one who embraces the high performing sales people or  even the  average sales person with good sales skills, he is the sales manager with the most gross and with the most car deals at the end of the month. Continue reading »

Mar 15, 2013

Bumped and Bruised But Never Out!

New Sign After Hurricane Sandy

Toms River, NJ – Despite the enormous devastation of Super Storm Sandy and all the bumps, bruises and damage inflicted by it, Showcase Media has kept going.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States approximately 8 p.m. EST Oct. 29, 2012 striking near Atlantic City, N.J. with westerly winds of 80 mph, and a full moon, high tides over 20 percent higher than normal amplifying Sandy’s storm surge. Streets were flooded, trees and power lines knocked down, homes, businesses and the famed Seaside boardwalk was ripped apart.

As a result of this hurricane, the Showcase Media office buildings and parking lot was submerged under four feet of seawater. The buildings sustained over a half million dollars in damage. 20 company vehicles were lost, valued at nearly 800 hundred thousand dollars, for a combined loss of well over at 1.25 million dollars.  Nearly every office file and filing cabinet was ruined; desks, copiers, computers, phones and other office machines were left inoperable from the surge. The majority of employees remained without power or heat for days and some lost their homes and vehicles. Continue reading »

Feb 6, 2013

Gen Y aversion to Cars

GenYGeneration Y’s indifference to the automobile is going to affect millions of businesses.


It’s not Gen Y’s fault that they don’t give a whit about cars. If you’re living in your parent’s basement with no job, buying a car isn’t at the top of your to-do list. If you’re flipping burgers for a living, gas prices, insurance premiums and lease payments (on top of your college loans), pretty much preclude purchasing that great-looking Prius.

This is why we’re seeing fewer and fewer kids rushing to the DMV on their 16thbirthday. More than 25% of all Gen Y’ers don’t have a driver’s license. Almost 30% of 19 year-olds aren’t licensed to drive, even if they could afford the gas.

We’re witnessing the collision of a number of different factors that will have a seismic effect on the future of the auto industry. Gen Y may be leading the charge, but the upcoming changes will impact millions of businesses.

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Jan 16, 2013

Tred Gets $1.7M To Be An Uber For Car Test Drives


Order a Test Drive to your house!

Tred, a startup that allows you to order auto test drives to your home, is announcing a $1.7 million raise of seed funding today, from Fraser McCombs Capital, former Chairman and CEO of General Motors Rick WagonerMaveron Capital, Chris Sacca’s Lowercase CapitalFounder’s Co-OpGreat Oaks Venture Capital and TechStar’s David Cohen.

The startup aims to compete with showrooms and car manufacturers that already allow shoppers to test drive autos outside of the showroom at “ride and drive” events and likens itself to an Uber for test drives, “with a twist of Zappos.” While car manufacturers and dealerships are ultimately biased by brand and sales goals, Tred co-founders Grant Feek and John Wehr argue that Tred is impartial — allowing you to pick from a variety of makes, models and types of cars using its selection and scheduling interface. Tred employs a group of full time and part time delivery people/concierges who will then deliver the car, or multiple cars, of your choosing to your doorstep.

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Jun 25, 2012

Craigslist Mania

Craigslist1What is Craigslist? Why Should I put My Inventory on it?

Craigslist is to the internet what the classified ads used to be to newspapers, it is a classified ad placement service where people can place and browse through classified ads on the internet.

And it is all FREE (in most states)

According to the current internet rankings at Alexa, Craigslist is responsible for getting an amazing twenty billion page views each month. That is good enough to crack the top 25 worldwide and the top ten in the United States. Its only source of income comes from people placing ads for jobs for money, with amounts from $10 to $75 depending on which Craigslist site is going to be getting the ad. Even with that source of income however, Craigslist still makes in the range of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in a single calendar year.

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