Oct 26, 2011
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Using QR Codes For Car Dealers

qr_code_autoshopper.comUnless you have lived under a rock for a year or two you have probably heard of QR codes, the square box that resembles an artsy barcode that you see on everything from electronics to billboards. QR stands for “quick response”, developed by the Denso division of Toyota to quickly identify parts and now it’s found its way into the lives of millions of people every day.

I just want to sell cars—why should I care?

With the rush of mobile devices, QR codes are as important as putting your dealerships web address on all your marketing and advertising material. So if you want to sell more cars, pay attention.

In today’s fast paced environment, typing in a URL or dialing a number may be too distracting, time consuming, resulting no user action—in comes the QR code.

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Oct 24, 2011

7 Ways to Get Noticed on Facebook With News Feed Optimization

Discover how News Feed Optimization impacts your Facebook marketing. Follow the useful tips to get more engagement through your Facebook updates.

Oct 24, 2011

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Cars

Canon-G12Taking snapshots with a digital camera is child’s play these days, point and shoot with very little thought or interaction from the person clicking the shutter—sounds easy right? Well if you fail to use some common sense while photographing your car to put up on your website for sale, you will miss the mark by a wide margin and even worse, miss a sale.

Whether your goal is to sell your car on a classified site or your own website, here are some expert tips to ensure that you’ll shoot high-quality photos of your car!

In today’s world—time is money, and if you are a busy sales manager at a dealership you have more important things to do than to take photos of your cars so that they can be put up on the web, so you shoot the phtos whenever its convenient—Unfortunately, almost 100% of the time you are setting up to shoot your vehicles out in the bright sunlight, the sunlight is in ALL the wrong places. You’re confronting a mélange of harsh glare and harsh shadows. Continue reading »

Oct 24, 2011

Mobile Social Networking Scores With Users

Social networking applications on mobile devices rate highly for reach, frequency and time spent, according to new research from Experian Simmons that used metering technology to track usage of U.S. smartphone owners between March and July this year.

In looking at mobile activity on a typical day, the study found voice calling applications (usually a native app on the phone) had the highest daily reach, at 62%, followed by messaging (51%), browser (47%), email (45%) and social networking apps (38%). Almost one-quarter (23%) of users opened an app store application at least once a day, suggesting a strong interest in finding new titles. When it comes to frequency, social networking comes out on top, with people checking social apps on average 17.7 times a day. Continue reading »


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